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All   Photo Input Date Usage District Building Name Floor GFA (ft²) SA (ft²) Price$(M) Rental Ref. Detail Others
  2020-02-15 Residential Wan Chai MANRICH COURT H 686 503 32000 K694569 Detail
  2020-02-15 Residential Wan Chai 1 STAR ST 711 511 30000 E688644 Detail
  2020-02-06 Residential Wan Chai VINCENT MAN HIGH BLK 460 357 8.400 F694104 Detail Mortgage
  2020-02-06 Residential Wan Chai MANRICH COURT 566 419 11.500 N688012 Detail Mortgage
  2020-02-03 Residential Wan Chai MOONSTAR COURT H 346 238 16800 R684220 Detail
  2020-01-14 Residential Wan Chai MANRICH COURT -- -- J687492 Detail
  2019-12-07 Residential Wan Chai STARCREST 1015 807 60000 A687555 Detail
  2019-11-18 Residential Wan Chai HOOVER TWRS 01 -- -- X692647 Detail
  2019-11-16 Residential Wan Chai 5 STAR ST -- 408 29000 Q693632 Detail
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